Renewed or die? The future of man-trucks is digitized!

Hugo Álvarez - COO & Co-founder
November 10, 2021

Its relevance is so great that there are 181,031 permit holders, of which 97.4% are micro and small businesses.

Whether in rental schemes, periods, or trips, as well as a hiring service by large transport companies, man-trucks have existed in our country for many decades.

According to a study by the Mexican Institute of Transportation, IMT, only in the period from 1988 to 1993, more than 90% of the companies that joined the trucking industry were man-truck.

The growth of microcarriers (or man-truck) during the last 10 years has been exponential, increasing from 94,020 companies to 147,966 today.

The number of cargo units represented by microcarriers went from 176,476 (in 2010) to 269,411, according to the most recent record of 2019.

Disadvantages of the man-truck vs large companies

If you are one of the micro or small carriers that exist in our country, surely more than once you have heard something like: "Surely you have many advantages of working under this format, for example, the autonomy you have."

Yes, surely there is some of that, there are few units and personalized attention is given. However, it is also subject to commercial pressures, derived from the cost structure and the level of turnover or sale of its services compared to large companies.

In that sense, competing against the large companies entails a big challenge, where you have everything to lose (it is almost a battle of David against Goliath).

Typically, you lack the accounting systems and billing tools that your counterpart does, resulting in more time spent and wholesale errors.

An administration system allows you to reduce uncertainty and go with greater security towards decision-making, in addition to allowing you to generate an aspect that is little or nothing remembered: reputation.

Reaching new customers does not fall from the sky, you must have a website to make yourself known and a formal presentation, even to become a supplier to any industry.

Here we ask you, do you have a sufficient sales, traffic, logistics, and accounting team for your operations? Don't worry, most man-trucks lack this, making it difficult to transition to formality as you have to do all the activities yourself.

TrackChain, the smart solution to solve all these disadvantages

What would you think if we told you that there is an intelligent and intuitive solution for all the problems that we have raised. Don't you believe us? Let us convince you.

TrackChain is a digital freight marketplace, an intuitive, fully integrated, and easy-to-use system for freight quote, instant booking, dispatch, capacity management, load matching, asset tracking, and payment settlement; All in one place.

The platform offers an automatic billing tool, forget about generating your invoice in the SAT and sending it by mail! With TrackChain it is done automatically with the trip data, in addition to appearing instantly on your client's portal.

That is, a process that currently takes you 3 hours, will now be done in a few seconds and automatically, or faster and easier?

On the other hand, TrackChain's free TMS allows you to manage your fleet, no matter how small. You will be able to have better control of the preventive and corrective maintenance of your units as large corporations do and in this way optimize time and money.

Your work supports you! What do we mean? With TrackChain's reputation system you can load with the largest shippers in Mexico without the tedious process of sending all the data by email and passing many filters to become a transport provider of that company.

With this reputation system, any sender can see a historical record of your trips and identify your good performance. That is, it will be your letter of recommendation to work with shippers who do not know you yet.

Furthermore, TrackChain simplifies your activities by automating all operations (sales, traffic, logistics, etc.). In this way, you can focus on a single function and not all as in the past, which will make it easier to join the world of formality.

As if that were not enough, the added value of TrackChain is that the management of the GPS is free. Generally, you must pay around 300 pesos per month for GPS tracking, which includes the administration of the system on the platform (hosting) and the balance that the chip carries.

By offering the hosting for free as TrackChain does, you will be paying only half of the service (150 pesos per month for the balance).

At the same time, the platform solves one of the biggest concerns of man-trucks today: the Carta Porte complement. TrackChain generates it automatically in a few seconds, also reduces the risk of errors by not having to go through different people.

Don't hesitate and join TrackChain right now to streamline your operations, optimize times and procedures, save costs and achieve your goals. For your peace of mind, you can request a free demo. click here