The 6 most frequently asked questions about the Complemento Carta Porte

Hugo Álvarez - COO & Co-founder
September 6, 2021

It sounds incredible, but there are many carriers in Mexico (the so-called man-trucks) that are unaware of the operation of the Complemento Carta Porte.

This is presented despite the document not new for commercial or regulatory purposes related to federal trucking of cargo in the country.

On June 1, the Carta Porte came into force, it is a compliment that must be incorporated into the Digital Tax Receipt by Internet (CFDI) to protect the transport of goods in the national territory.

Although it was granted a 4-month extension, its implementation will be mandatory as of January 1st, 2022, this because the call from different chambers and representatives of the sector, who have requested that this date be extended.

What is the  Complemento Carta Porte?

Before answering the main questions about its operation, let's start by defining it. The Carta Porte identifies the origin and destination of the goods that are moved within the national territory.

Its objective is that the electronic invoices of taxpayers or companies add more detailed information about their businesses to reduce informality, combat product smuggling and unfair competition in the productive sector.

Each document has 185 data, among which are the value of the merchandise, the tariff fraction, the name of the operator, the company data, etc.

Scheme of the Complemento Carta Porte

The main aspects that will be considered are:

1. Locations (origin, destination, and address).

2. Merchandise (federal motor transport and other types of transfer).

3. Information on the merchandise and the figure on which this transfer will be carried out (operators, owner, and lessee). Even the plate number of the transport used will be requested, or the tariff fraction in the case of export and import merchandise.

In the case of the Income CFDI, it is obliged to be issued by persons dedicated to the land transportation service of cargo that circulates on federal highways or by rail, sea, air, or river.

That is, this CFDI must exist before the carrier leaves the point of origin, so it will have to request, in advance, the information about the cargo from the customer.

In the case of the transport-type voucher with Carta Porte complement, it will only be issued by people who are intermediaries or, failing that, the owner of the merchandise who by their means is going to move the load.

For this scenario, the authority can stop you at any checkpoint and request the information. The fines range from $ 17,020.00 to $ 93,330.00, and the tax authorities may preventively close the taxpayer's establishment for a period of 3 to 15 days.

Given this, we leave you the 6 most frequently asked questions about the operation of the Carta Porte plugin (which you might not dare to question) and their respective answers.

Frequently asked questions

1. If you change trucks during the journey, can you continue to use the same CFDI with Complemento Carta Porte?

A: No, the initial CFDI must be canceled and, before continuing with the transfer, a new complement must be generated registering the new vehicle data, and relating it to the initial CFDI with the code "04 Substitution of previous CFDIs" from the catalog. of CFDI "c_TipoRelacion".

2. If I am the owner of the merchandise and I use my fleet with distribution between plants, should I issue a transfer-type CFDI with Complemento Carta Porte?

A: Yes, this document must be issued as long as the transfer is carried out by its means.

3. If there are causes of force majeure, can the information in the CFDI be corrected with the Complemento Carta Porte once it is issued?

A: If the information captured changes, it must be canceled and a new one generated with the correct data; These must be registered with the domicile of origin of departure of the transferred goods and relate the new voucher to the CFDI of origin.

4. If the CFDI issued by the carrier does not contain the Complemento Carta Porte, can the service be deducted?

A: No, as of January 1st, 2022, goods or merchandise transportation services cannot be deducted with an income-type CFDI WITHOUT a Complemento Carta Porte.

5. With the entry into force of the provision, will it be possible to continue to invoice massively (per week or month)?

A: No, an income type CFDI must be generated with  Complemento Carta Porte for each transport service provided to the client.

6. In the case of multimodal transport, can the information be recorded in a single voucher with the Complemento Carta Porte?

A: Yes, you can register on the same voucher either as the owner of the means of transport used or as a service provider and/or transport agent.

TrackChain, the best solution

Faced with such complexity, the optimal solution will be to use technology and automation, or what is the same, a database that works through the interconnection of different nodes and allows the entry of operations by all those involved in the logistics chain.

Forget about doing it manually! The TrackChain platform generates the Complemento Carta Porte automatically and in a few seconds, it also considerably reduces the risk of errors by not having to go through more people.

At the same time, at TrackChain we align incentives between stakeholders, allowing a unified view of transactions, frictionless payments, and much faster reconciliation of invoices and disputes.

As you may have already noticed, one of the aspects required by the Complemento Carta Porte is to know 100% about the cargo information.

Once the shipment is booked TrackChain users can track their cargo using GPS information on the platform, obtain the bill of lading, proof of delivery, and invoices digitally.

That is, they acquire a complete end-to-end system for visibility and transparency. Carriers and shippers will have updated profiles on the platform, including all required and relevant documentation such as licenses, insurance, safety and performance records, credit history, etc.

Another advantage of TrackChain is the traceability of transactions, since all invoices are organized and digitized for users in a control panel, generation of instant account statements and can track detailed massive payments made or still pending.

Transactional data, such as load capacity listings, will be encrypted and stored on a distributed file system. It is time to migrate towards automation to generate the  Complemento Carta Porte, it is urgent!

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