These will be the challenges for the freight and trucking industry in 2022. Get to know them and solve them properly

Eduardo Narváez - CEO & Co-founder
January 12, 2022

Some manufacturers in Alicante, in Spain, celebrate a very important harvest with joy. How could they celebrate and sell their surpluses? Easy, toasting with 12 grapes, at midnight and eating one by one with each chime of the clock.

Surely that tradition (which began in 1909), was the one you followed at your new years dinner with your family and friends to receive in the best way this new 2022.

Nobody has a magic ball to know what the future will bring us, but there are projections and a public agenda that, in the case of trucking, will continue quietly during this new year. Get to know them.

Drivers shortage

A survey carried out by carriers in the United States warns that shortage of operators will continue to put pressure on the market during this year, leading to the interruption of the supply chain

In México’s case, poor working conditions, cost increases on insurance of liabilities and operational expenses have triggered the deficit, which is estimated to exceed 50,000 drivers.

-Why are you no longer in the truck business? "The truth is that I spent a lot of time away from home and then there were payments delays, there were many abuses."

That was Óscar's response when he was asked why he stopped driving a truck and started looking for a job totally removed from the freight industry. It is estimated that the amount of cargo that needs to be moved today in Mexico triples the number of available units


A study by FreightWaves indicates that, due to inflationary pressures, most carriers are cautious about the presence of large volumes of cargo during this year, while 74.42% consider it a risk.

Annual inflation of 6.24% as of October 2021 in Mexico, led to an increase of up to 18% in some components costs for the trucking and logistics industries.

This is even more if we consider that most of the quotes for logistics services in México are made by phone or by email (and most of them take a long time to be delivered).

Lack of chips

World leaders of integrated circuit manufacturers have agreed that the shortage of chips or microcomponents will last until 2023.

In this sense, the supply chain will suffer, not only in the assembly of units, but also with fleet maintenance, which are struggling to obtain the parts they require due to the fact that suppliers face a lack of spare parts.

The problem is aggravated if we consider that, according to industry estimates, having a truck stopped due to lack of spare parts costs a fleet up to $ 20,000 MXN (mexican pesos), so preventive maintenance of the units becomes essential to avoid a possible problem.

Complemento Carta Porte

Recently, the General Rules of Foreign Trade for 2022 were published, which establish that the obligated subjects must include the tax folio of the CFDI of income or transfer type, as the case may be, with its Complemento Carta Porte, which will be fined as of the March 31, 2022.

The foregoing does not mean that the obligation to issue the entry CFDI with a Complemento Carta Porte by the provider of the freight transportation service is also considered extended to that date.

In any case, the obligation to issue it began on January 1, 2022, without fines and penalties for errors in the document as of March 31, as has been announced by the Mexican government agency SAT.

However, the concern about the mandatory nature of the Complemento Carta Porte with CFDI remains in a large percentage of carriers (or owner-operators) in México.

TrackChain, an oasis in the middle of the desert

Although technology is imperative in the logistics industry, its use must be further implemented to face each of the challenges that will come up in 2022.

The contribution of telemetry on trucks is extremely important. TrackChain is a social integration platform that seeks to permanently transform the ecosystem of truck drivers (operators) for greater respect and quality of life.
Goodbye abuse! Thanks to a more efficient allocation of loads, truck drivers will be able to be closer to their families and, therefore, their quality life will improve to the detriment of the health problems that historically afflict them and that, many times, make them leave their work.

By providing a more efficient factoring program like TrackChain, with digital payments to their bank accounts, all drivers will receive their remuneration in a timely manner.

Thanks to TrackChain's reputation system, shippers' abuse will be left behind, as drivers and carriers can share their shipper evaluation - just as they receive it.

Likewise, they will be able to load with the biggest shippers in Mexico without the tedious and boring process of sending all the information by email and passing many filters to become a logistics supplier for that company.

Goodbye slow and inaccurate quotes ! TrackChain users can log into the platform to get an instant quote, thanks to our dynamic pricing engine, and book shipments that match with the carrier network on the platform.

TrackChain measures and identifies the increased cost of inputs used by carriers, which is key when negotiating rates with users and maintaining the financial viability of companies.

The competitive advantage lies in the fact that, through it, different quotes can be obtained in seconds under different criteria such as: type of truck, most punctual carrier, best qualified, etc.

Have a better control of preventive and corrective maintenance! Thanks to telemetry, you will be able to identify the behavior of your truck in real time and learn about any issues to be able to fix them immediately.

With Trackchain, you will be able to set review deadlines and specify maintenance for each unit. At the same time, you can generate a history and provide detailed reports on the status of the trucks.

The Trackchain TMS allows you to manage your fleet, no matter how small it may be. In fact, you can get this useful tool for free.

Trackchain issues the Complemento Carta Porte automatically ! Yes, in a few seconds, it also reduces the risk of errors by not having to go through more people.

This allows a simple filling of the same; Forget about that complex and monotonous procedure that involves gathering all the data and sending it by email through different intermediaries involved until it reaches the customer. Trackchain performs this process automatically.

Join Trackchain and solve the challenges that will come up in 2022.

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