This is how logistics and transport will work in 10 years

Eduardo Narváez - CEO & Co-founder
August 24, 2021

Have you ever imagined what the world will be like in a decade?

Many aspects of the day-to-day will change and logistics based on the transport of goods will invariably evolve towards the digitization of processes (as is already a reality today).

In this scenario, the role of technology will act as a link to connect carriers and shippers in order to get the objectives set.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic will accelerate how information is shared and distributed within the supply chain, which will result in interconnected systems and platforms to make the different operational processes in companies more efficient.

What will logistics management be like for the year 2031?

For the 2030/2031 period, technology will no longer only be an ally that enhances the needs of the supply chain, it will be the main support for the entire logistics process.

Some of the technological innovations that will impact transport and logistics in those years will be:

Internet of Things

It is a network of physical objects, from common household objects, such as refrigerators and light bulbs, to wearables, smart devices and even smart cities that only exist thanks to the internet of things.

This element is already one at present, however, the equipment may allow the client's computer to generate the order of the trip, the expenses, the fuel load and even the temperature monitoring in the case of refrigerated transport.

Autonomous vehicles

While the technology is still in development, the first autonomous trucks are expected to be on the road in a decade.

However, the operator will drive the unit in most scenarios, for example, when entering an urban area, when loading and unloading goods, or in unfavorable weather conditions.

Big Data

Recent studies warn that 9 out of 10 large organizations worldwide are investing in Big Data tools for their logistics management, which is estimated to grow in 10 years.

The new massive data analysis tools will allow companies to move much faster and more efficiently, enhancing concepts of road infrastructure such as the development of new roads and lanes.

Quantum Internet

Can you imagine so fast computers capable of solving difficulties in record time? That could be a reality in 10 years.

In this way, the quantum internet will make it possible to transmit high volumes of data over long distances at speeds above the speed of light.

Smart logistics now

Currently, logistics management faces different challenges such as monitoring the merchandise and the fleet, the collection process, and/or budgets in real-time.

That is why an intuitive, fully integrated and easy-to-use digital freight platform like the one offered by TrackChain is the best bridge to the new smart logistics.

The TrackChain platform revolutionizes the way cargo is moved by enabling freight pricing, booking, dispatch, capacity management, cargo matching, asset tracking, and instant payment settlement in one place.

Why is TrackChain the bridge to the new smart logistics?

Simple, we are not just logistics software, we are a disruptive ecosystem that brings fresh air to the logistics industry and the supply chain.

In this way, TrackChain aligns incentives among supply chain actors, resulting in a unified view of transactions, frictionless payments, information, and digital documents based on permissions and transaction history.

The result is a faster reconciliation of invoices and disputes, from reservation to payment in one place.

The future is promising. Our technology has the potential to become one of the most widely used and valuable products in the logistics industry.

Its exponential adoption will add miles from millions of data points to the supply chain, benefiting all parties by adding value within the entire operational process.

Freight transport requires a large number of technological solutions. TrackChain will partner with vendors of these systems to incorporate them into the platform and provide seamless integration.

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