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We are revolutionizing an industry. It can be chaotic and challenging. The change is constant. So we focus on our clients and let their needs guide us. We are doing the difficult, but necessary work of modernizing the freight transport industry.

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Thinking outside of the box

"We are not only revolutionizing the logistics world. We also want to change the status quo in the workplace. We have worked hard to create a community of forward-thinking people who have personally and professionally invested in TrackChain's mission. Our teams bring together talent. experienced and inspiring new voices to build a collaborative space where people learn, make an impact, take risks, and think outside of the box "

1. Keep learning & support others.

We live in a faster-changing world. What was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow. Keep up to date with what is happening, keep a curious spirit, and open yourself to the possibility of connecting with people who have different views of the world.

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2. We get better through feedback.

Every wise person should ask, listen and give feedback. Feedback helps us move forward and improve in what we do. We are always radically honest with each other, providing respectful, specific, and thoughtful honest feedback in a non-personal way, even though it can hurt at times.You probably get a lot more feedback here than in other places I've worked. It would be a challenge at first. If you can, try not to take anything too personal.

3. Move forward as fast as you can.

If you've found a way to help our customers, don't delay. Do it !, If it is a smaller task that you can do yourself, Do it! If it's something bigger that needs a lot of people's input, see if another team member can help you and then improve it.Our mission is urgent, we think, decide and act in days instead of weeks. We are in a competitive industry, so speed is important to our Customers

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4. Find a way to make things happen.

Working on TrackChain is challenging. Things move fast. The impossible is often the task at hand. Revolutionaries always advance! We stopped hearing excuses a long time ago, we worried about results.The problems we solve every day are real and we believe that courage, determination, skill, intelligence and courage can break through any wall.

5. This isn’t just a job, we’re a revolution.

If we want to achieve our goals (global expansion of course), we need the right people to do it. Bold and fearless minds who aren't afraid to challenge the status quo, who can tackle the impossible and turn great ideas into the real thing. We look beyond our day to day and consider the full potential of our mission and the opportunity that we have in front of us. We think beyond our comfort zone and plan for a future beyond what is established.

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6. We focus on customers, not competitors.

The success of our clients is our success. Just getting ahead of our competitors would be insufficient: we have to get ahead of our customers. We must reach the regions they want to reach before they do. We have to be compatible with forms of trade that do not yet exist because they are still being invented.We have to stay one step ahead of the organizations that use TrackChain every day in order to help them expand and succeed.

7. Think Deeper

Logic, reason, and common sense take precedence over everything else when making decisions on TrackChain. We are open-minded, we listen, and we are always in search of the truth.We are engineers and also creative. We not only want deep logic and abstract thinking from our people, but also crazy creativity and the ability to jump from a local to a global maximum through non-linear thinking. We do linear optimizations and we also make big non-linear jumps - we are innovative.


We are happy to lead this much-needed innovation and with your help...

We will take the next step towards the future of logistics and supply chain.

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